Status Update 08.17.2012

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It has been quite sometime since I wrote a status update, and can’t believe we are almost into September. My studies pretty much stopped cold this past May. My wife, and myself both lost our father’s due to cardiac arrest within two months of each other. Both our dad’s were in their early 60’s, and had clean bill’s of health. So both are families are still really in shock. We lost my dad just a little over a month ago so it is still fresh in my mind.

With all that being said it has been impossible to dive into another CCIE track at the moment. Still not sure if SP, or Security will be the way forward for me. I am looking forward to seeing how INE, and IPexpert are going to go about updating their security material.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Tanner’s book for free and thought I would give a quick review on it.

I started reading through the book while we are looking at alternatives for our current voip systems here at work. I though the book was a really good read. The book is concise, and to the point. Which is something I can appreciate when I am just looking for instructions to add “custom media files for Music On Hold” for example. Keep in mind the book is written to be a quick reference for common problems, and implementations. You aren’t going to find hundreds of pages of telephony background of theory. Which for me is a good thing…


I thought Cisco would wait until Cisco Live to do the announcement, but looks like they wanted to give everyone time to come up with some questions. I am curious if any of the hardware changes are going to slow down any of the training vendors in updating their material? The additional hardware seems to remove any option of a home lab unless you are just burning piles of money in your spare time already 🙂 The additions of the wireless controller, and IP phone is interesting.

This is what I have been honestly waiting for to see if taking the 3.0 written exam is worth it, or to just wait for the 4.0 version to go live.

Cisco’s CCIE Security Syllabus

Also Anthony Sequeira has a more detailed post on IPexpert’s blog here

The INE 2012 Scholarship

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INE’s scholarship is back again.

Through the years Brian Dennis, CCIE #2210 (Routing & Switching, ISP Dial, Security, Service Provider, Voice) and Brian McGahan, CCIE #8593 (Routing & Switching, Service Provider, Security) have been devoted to revolutionizing the way CCIE Lab training is approached. Since 2004 their vision of success for CCIEs has changed the market and helped shape where it stands today. From inventing new ways to tackle technologies, to their famous CCIE Lab Workbooks, and now the highly sought after 10-Day Bootcamp, “The Brians” and INE continue to help networking professionals around the world achieve their own CCIE certification.

As part of Brian Dennis’ and Brian McGahan’s ongoing commitment to the CCIE community, INE is pleased to announce the INE 2012 Scholarship.

For CCIE Routing & Switching applicants, we will be choosing a scholarship recipient per region (Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Middle East, North America (US/Mexico), Oceanic (Australia) and South America) from the applicant pool. For those interested in CCIE Voice Training, we will be choosing two recipients from around the world. INE is providing a total of 10 CCIE Training Scholarships valued at $120,000!

Full link

Good news for all you SP guys that were waiting for INE’s updated workbooks and rack rentals to come out. Looks like that should happen by the end of this month.

Also Narbik is supposed to release his SPv3 workbooks as well next month.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails recently asking when our updated CCIE Service Provider Version 3.0 Workbooks and Rack Rentals are going to be released. And the answer is… soon 🙂 In fact sooner than ever. We’re looking at somewhere around the end of March for the release of both the updated Workbook and Rack Rentals. The updated Workbook will be broken down into two sections, Technology Labs and Full Scale Labs. Essentially this will be the merging of the previous Volume 1 and Volume 2 workbooks into a single workbook that has two parts. A sample of the Technology Labs section of the CCIE SPv3 Workbook can be found here.


New tech focused troubleshooting workbooks in the works over at IPexpert

IPexpert is thrilled to introduce the first installment in our NEW Protocol Operation and Troubleshooting Series, IPexpert’s IPv4/IPv6 Multicast Operation and Troubleshooting. This series was designed around CCIE student feedback on specific protocols and technologies that they feel they struggled with most when preparing for the CCIE Lab exam. IPexpert’s IPv4/IPv6 Multicast Operation and Troubleshooting dives deep into the specific operations and troubleshooting technologies for key multicast areas such as IGMP, PIM Sparse Mode, multicast security and much more.

Developed by the industry’s most recognized Senior Technical Instructors, Editors, and Consultants, this new book series is sure to assist you in better understanding IPv4/IPv6 Multicast operations, troubleshooting methodologies, and time saving fault isolation techniques.

Well here we are again. Feels kind of weird starting all over. I decided to move ahead and pursue the Security CCIE. I was thinking of going after the Service Provider CCIE, but the security track aligns much more with my experience outside of R&S. I am going to start prepping for the written in the next few days. For the written I am going to use INE’s ATC class. For my lab prep I purchased IPexpert’s BLS, and have INE’s workbooks as well.

I also still have my lab experience post I actually need to proof read and post yet :/

What Material To Use For The Lab?

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I am getting a lot of emails inquiring about what material I used to pass the lab. From May on I worked on INE’s vol 2 and 3 along with mixing in my 360 material I did earlier. If I needed some tech focused material I used my Narbik’s workbook along with INE’s ATC. One thing I can’t do is endorse one vendor over the other. I think each vendor has their own pros and cons. One thing I will say not to do, at least in the beginning, is use multiple vendor material. Do your homework, get the best deal you can and pick one vendor. After that, go through all their material step by step. If they have a guide on how best to use their material, try to follow it as best you can. I had multiple material from the start and it did nothing but slow me down and challenged my attention when it came down to doing full labs. I was always jumping around from one vendor material to another vendor material. This did absolutely nothing for me. So pick a vendor and go through all their material end to end. After that maybe mix in some other material to see how another vendor presents it.

The second piece of advice I would give is to lab as much and for as long as you can. I always worried about the theory which isn’t a bad thing, but don’t take away from your lab time for it. If you hit a technology you are weak on, lab it a couple of times then go through any videos/documentation on it. My studies didn’t gain any momentum until I started sitting the 360 online mentoring sessions by Bruce Caslow this past February. In the first one I was in, he talked about how time on the CLI will make you understand everything so much better. When I went through the Cisco 360 labs, I found that it did. Sitting down and doing at least one lab every week made a huge difference.

Read more

CCIE Lab Passed!

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I actually passed 🙂 Glad I didn’t leave the exam site after the Troubleshooting section! Will get a blog post going on the whole experience soon!

Status Update 09.18.2011

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Sorry about the lack of any sort of updates on here the last couple of months. I pretty much shut everything social down I could to try and focus. My lab is coming up in a little over a week and this is my first real break in a while. Had a personal family issue arise we had to take care of and that took me away from alot of lab time the last four weeks. So I am going into the lab well rested I guess 🙂

I have done as much labbing as I possibly could do the last couple of months. I have taken mock labs from INE and more of the 360 labs. My scores were anywhere from a 56 to a 80. I hear no one ever feels ready for the lab, but I don’t feel really ready for the lab 😉 Hopefully it will be enough…

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