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It is a sad feeling every time I write the date and the year in the title of these posts. I look back and think wow I am still trying to get this one exam done! I am wondering if CCIE Pursuit is still searching for me on Google (upper right hand corner?) Anyhow here I am still am crawling along.

Since Monday I have finished Switching, RIP, and EIGRP from INE’s Workbook 1. I should be able to get through OSPF tomorrow. BGP is going to slow me down though. BGP is where I started to get into trouble on my lab attempt in October and it just snowballed from there 😀 Some of this stuff I am just having trouble getting my head into. I either waited too long to start back up, or not long enough. I am just dreading getting into more of the new topics it feels like they just dumped onto a huge pile already. I am preparing to go through both my INE and Narbik labs once I get into my weak areas like advance BGP. I think I was in too much of a rush to move through the topology labs and into the full labs last time. Now you toss in the complication of the troubleshooting section and you have to wonder how do you fit that in to the mix?

I did get a copy of the written exam guide and almost dropped it on a small child. It would given them a concussion 😉 Hopefully I can read through sections and prep for the OEQ’s like I did the last time. I have to take the lab or the written again by October. This way I am prepared for either. Oh well back to some labs and the long march…


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  1. Abbas Bassu on April 8th, 2010 5:26 pm

    I always used to dream to have a passion and craze to study like you. Your motivational blog makes me think that its time for me to get into Cisco.

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