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A good read if you were starting to get worried about Dynamips atleast for now 🙂

Today I really wanted to write a deeply technical post (for example, Joe Cozzupoli sent me working configs for QPPB in Inter-AS MPLS VPN environment), but a gem from the SearchNetworking site caught my undistracted attention: they claim the licensing changes introduced in IOS release 15.0 target illicit use of Cisco IOS by Dynamips. The story quotes two of my blogger friends: Stretch and Greg (congratulations to both !!!). Each of them makes very valid points (I am wholeheartedly supporting Stretch’s plea for educational licenses), but somehow the story’s author managed to mix ingredients from their stories to come to a sensational (and totally wrong) conclusion (with a great headline).

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One Response to ““The death of Dynamips: they’ve got it all wrong” from Ivan Pepelnjak”

  1. Akash Deep Singh on February 22nd, 2010 10:52 am

    IF there is no dynamips how can ppl practice not everyone can afford a router

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