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This just hit a little while ago I guess. This should makes things a little interesting I think. Will we see the more vendors join the 360 program, or maybe see the other vendors offer a comparable program themselves? I guess only time will tell.


One thing you will want to make sure you go over in fine detail is the total cost and the requirements for the retake. The numbers I saw from Scott Morris in GS yesterday was it would cost roughly $5000 or so for all the material. Don’t forget you only get access to the 360 program material for twelve months. After that you lose access to it. I am not sure if you can print everything out, but if you can then atleast you have hard copies of everything. If I don’t pass my lab in two weeks, might this be something to look at?

Together, the Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE Routing and Switching and the Cisco Lab Safe promotion allow qualifying learners who do not pass their first Cisco CCIE® R&S lab exam attempt to retake the CCIE lab exam at no additional cost (a $1,400 US value).

To be eligible for this promotion, individuals must meet these requirements:
* Obtain their instructor’s recommendation
* Complete the Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE R&S Essentials Package or a CIERS instructor-led workshop
* Score 80 percent or better on at least one of the performance assessments that are listed below

Only select Cisco Authorized Learning Partners offer the Cisco 360 Learning Program curriculum and Cisco Lab Safe promotion, which combined provide you with added assurance in the quality and value of your training investment.

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4 Responses to “Cisco Lab Safe Promotion: Protect Your Training Investment”

  1. shivlu jain on September 16th, 2009 9:46 am

    Seems to be a lucrative offer.

  2. MeToo on September 16th, 2009 12:53 pm

    Seems like another money grab.

    Step 1. Make ridiculous open ended questions that fail many qualified candidates.

    Step 2. Pray on peoples fears of your open ended questions to drive them to your over priced training materials.

    Step 3. Profit.

  3. Jeff Rensink on September 16th, 2009 1:21 pm

    Why would Cisco even be bothering with this? Aren’t they boasting that 90% of their 360 program students pass on their first try?

    Nice little power play on their part though.

  4. Darby Weaver on September 20th, 2009 9:48 pm

    What can I tell you…

    Cisco’s 360 Program did not care for my take on their program.

    Gagged at Groupstudy…

    And it looks like they deleted my posts from the archive too.


    Now lists.groupstudy.com is down…

    What can I tell you…

    If you somehow have the older stuff and know how to find rocks on a beach you probably are not going to spend the money again…

    They spoke of innovation…

    No notice before Cisco took over NMC…

    And they spoke of innovation… (not customer loyalty nor customer service – they may change this after reading my words though – I have that effect sometimes).

    Yet – Have they innovated yet – nearly 3 years have passed at least and how much innovation has happened?

    MPLS and Troubleshooting – Maybe innovative – the other COD is Anthony – How long has he been at InternetworkExpert now?

    What else…

    New topology – Matches the Accessor… (Is that innovative or creative?)

    Ask around… I thought it was just my account at first – then others chimed in and sure enough everyone got kicked to the curb (from NMC and they never even finished up to lab 25 with 4 switches – that’s creative) – now they’d be thrilled if we paid them another $10,000.00 – maybe all 25 labs are updated now?

    Now I guess it’s ok since Cisco said they won’t do things that way.

    Umm… who bought out NMC in the first place?

    If you said Cisco and the very same Cisco 360 Program Manager.

    You’d be correct.

    So I ask when he says they don’t plan on doing that again… (they don’t have to now – your account will likely lock out and expire right on time – count on it).

    Read between the lines…

    $10,000.00+ is a terrible lot of money to spend… And if all you paid for was classes that’s great – cause you would get what you pad for – no paper copies of workbooks and no DVD’s of CODs… (Think subscription-based).

    $5k sounds great – but that is the bare minimum.

    Consider the full cost of ownership for 1 year.

    Ask companies like InternetworkExpert and IPExpert how they line up with the 360…

    Line item for line item.

    That’s what Rick Smith said we should do, I’d recommend every potential consumer stop, drop, and shop… around.

    Darby told you – You better shop around.

    Now if you line up the apples and the oranges… and the LEMONS…

    Dare to Compare.

    If you think the CCIE might take you more than one year (HINT: READ THE SUCCESS STORIES – BEFORE OEQ and AFTER)…

    then you might want to consider one of the companies that will not only sell you a class and a workbook…

    But also support you – INE/IPE do their on their forum, other forums, Cisco Forums, etc…

    How many have ever heard of support from very many Cisco 360 folks?

    Does the 360 support their own forums?

    Back in the day of my time – the general answer to tech questions was like:

    Go read the answer key.


    And then?

    Lots of trainers and products out there.

    InternetworkExpert has the innovative – eye.

    Compare say…. netmasterclass and internetworkexpert blogs for example.

    If you can spot a subtle difference – then ask yourself…

    Which one wins your vote.

    Anyone know Scott Morris or Brian MaGahan?

    Probably if you are studying for long…

    These guys are everywhere…

    Do you get a lot of support from the 360 Instructors after the class?

    Maybe you do.

    Maybe you don’t.

    Ask them what they intend to do for you.

    Now I want you to compare price and quality.

    I’m still using InternetworkExpert for my example…

    If no one told you much about either – which would you call “Grey Market”…


    Don’t everyone from the 360 go into a pandemic international panic… all at once – I’m sure you have at least 1-2 students in your classes – everyone likes CLC’s.

    But the truth is this:

    InternworkExpert and IPexpert have a “Brand” and it feels like “COKE” and
    “PEPSI” for example.

    You can see it, feel it, and taste it.

    It is real and it is tangible.

    Now taste test the Cisco 360…

    Kinda feels like the “Soda” or “Pop” you might buy from the local dollar store.

    Don’t take my word.

    Go shop – Please go shop.

    Rick Smith said the same thing – Innovation and Competition is good for the CCIE Program and “ALL” of its vendors…

    He’s the Program Manager of the Cisco 360 Program.

    He called my words untrue and far off-base BEFORE the Team 360 deleted my posts from Groupstudy.com and Gagged my account there.

    So I’d like for everyone in the market to taste test and see for yourself which quenches your thirst for the CCIE.

    Please, be my guest.

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