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What does amnesty mean? Well it has been years since I thumbed through my Funk and Wagnalls dictionary so I could not actually find it! Instead I hopped on-line and looked it up.

Noun1.amnesty – a period during which offenders are exempt from punishment
Verb1.amnesty – grant a pardon to (a group of people)

If you have not been informed there are many ways to use your CCIE number. A few of these methods are frowned upon by Cisco and can even cost you that hard earned number. Yes, recently I personally witnessed the revoking of a pair of CCIEs who had associated their numbers to a channel they did not work for. This is strictly forbidden by Cisco and can result in severe penalties to the Channel and the CCIE. (see http://www.itworld.com/networking/69359/innocuous-or-unethical ) or the June CCIE Flyer article.

I felt pretty badly about the CCIEs losing their certifications and wanted to help prevent this as much as I can. So I called Monica (my best friend at Cisco) and we put our heads together to come up with a solution. From this chat the CCIE Amnesty program was born.

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  1. Eman on August 6th, 2009 2:38 pm

    When Bloggers Attack
    Bloggers Gone Wild You Pick!

    It seems like a rite of passage for Network World to post harassing and untrue content about me each August. Last August I responded with this:

    When Bloggers Attack or Bloggers Gone Wild
    You Pick!
    When bloggers attack we get some real entertainment in the virtual space. This is a great place for us to sit ringside and witness some real doozies. It comes as a real disappointment to me though, that Network World has allowed one of their writers to once again make outlandish accusations in their forum. The last Network World blogger attack was recorded and recounted by me, when a certain hard working and accomplished CCIE was viciously mauled by another self-serving; blogger gone wild. In the article http://www.itworld.com/opinion/53299/thanks-ethan-banks-sharing-your-quottouch-greyquot, I shared his story in IT World. In writing this, I hoped to reveal how the Network World blogger intent on attracting traffic to his personal blog by besmirching someone who has actually accomplished something had attacked a CCIE. While this activity does result in great traffic to the blogs involved it did not make the accuser look good. In that case the outpouring of support for the CCIE was unprecedented and the accuser was vilified mercilessly. So in this latest recounting of “When Bloggers Attack” I reveal that I have become the victim of another Network World writer. Bloggers Gone Wild will reveal how another Network World blogger in his rush to reveal his “Man Boobs” instead bared his ass publicly.
    Recently this Network World writer and blogger turned his arrogant focus to me. In the past three weeks more than four articles have been released in Network World that I have chosen not to respond to on his forum. These accusations are being leveled by a Network World representative whose stated goal is to “take me down”. When Network World publishes lies and character attacks with the goal of putting someone out of business, I think they should realize they are outside the interest of their readers and beyond the boundaries of good journalism. What Network World expects to accomplish by this attack on my character I am completely unaware of, but when bloggers attack there really is nothing we can do but shake our heads and chalk up another loser in the Network World column. This Network World writer will remain the troll waiting and living beneath a bridge in his trailer park being paid by Network World to create readership by telling lies and deceiving readers in order to promote himself as more than a loser.
    When Network World started out the stories on my efforts, they were linking to my CCIE Summer Salary Survey which was generating some great traffic and additional submissions to the survey. I was then asked to respond to questions that are considered confidential between Bridge Resourcing Solutions (my employer), my clients and me. Some of the details are available on-line to the Cisco Channel Partners on the Cisco Partner Talent Portal. (Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations there is only one Cisco Partner Talent Portal and it can be a great place for a Cisco Engineer to ensure their resume is reviewed by the Cisco Channel Partners without being associated with a site that does not meet with Cisco’s support or approval.) When the attacks on my character and ethics began I was happy to see my blog and the CCIE Flyer getting a lot of great extra traffic. I was receiving new enquiries for my support from CCIEs and future CCIEs that I had not corresponded with before. What this Network World dolt did not realize was that he was actually bringing me more business. CCIEs that enjoy my sites and trusted their careers to me as their agent were again aware of my presence and several responded to me about how much they appreciate my support in their careers. So, the old adage that there is no such thing as “bad press” holds true even on the internet.
    I have developed and maintained a large data base of CCIEs and future CCIEs because I am trusted. I will not lower myself to the level of gutter journalism that Network World is pursuing. They have used tags of my name to draw traffic to their writer’s own blogs and with these stories it is happening once again. It is important to me that the real story be known, so if anyone would like to call me, please do. I will not be driven off the internet by Network World by their stories based on lies. You will see that once again tags using my name have been used without my consent to generate traffic to this blogger gone wild’s site. So don’t be fooled by these boobs they are in fact attached to a very bitter unaccomplished man!
    Ethan I know you are out there I now feel your pain! Network World has been advised that their content in my regard is not cool. One of my professional contacts recorded their writer’s phone call and his intent to try to extract something negative about me included a threat to injure their business by dragging them down with me. Network World’s methods have included emails to Cisco Systems demanding comments about my relationship with them and my methods. These were an obvious attempt to deride my character and damage my income. Then a call to London to speak with my boss was made with the intention of trying to injure my employer’s confidence in my activities and their trust in me. Now I ask you, does Network World try to get others fired or put out of business for a purpose?
    I have made myself vulnerable by allowing you to share my experience and I will continue to speak with and support engineers who are intent on bettering themselves and their careers. Over 80% of my time is spent on activities helping others and this is done gratis. The phone calls, blog, survey of training companies, school visits, research on immigration, and so much more are done to help others find a better life. This week I helped an Iraqi refugee in Lebanon secure an interview with a Cisco Channel Partner while I am in Orlando on vacation. This engineer was advised to post his resume on a site where resumes are posted willy nilly minus any career support or advice by this man boob baring blogger. I advised the engineer to use the Cisco Partner Talent Portal and I continued to help him gratis as he has suffered countless days in miserable circumstances. I have written about Karam several times in the past hoping to help him with his search. Please keep Karam in your prayers because I can only do so much!
    To end this I will add that I have asked Network World to stop their attacks on me and to retract the articles. I know when I am mentioned in writings on this post their traffic increases. I have worked very hard to keep a high profile in the CCIE space I know that Eman stories generate additional traffic from readers.
    Network World you and your staff should be ashamed of yourselves for letting some silly troll reveal his man boobs at your expense. Instead you should make a corporate move and cover your ass.

    Well it has happened again and the blogger has expanded his harassment to include Twitter (I am so impressed), Yahoo News and Google Groups and more. His harassment has no end, you would think I actually did something wrong to him. But I guess no good deed goes unpunished and again I am going to simply state that the truth is obvious.

    I did not claim to be part of a Cisco Initiative with the CCIE Amnesty Program. I am doing this with Monica (my best friend at Cisco) and we will continue to help CCIEs as we have been for almost a year now, to regain control of their CCIE numbers.

    So in the grand scheme of things “Man Boobs” is still providing inaccurate and unreliable content for Network World and maybe next year it will be even funnier! But remember they did remove last year’s trash about me hopefully they will do the same again this year. If not, I think we can all survive another lie from Network World and continue on our way.

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