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Oh the joys : )


This is a pretty major overhaul folks! You can go read for yourself but basically

1) There will now be a seperate 2 hour troubleshooting section of the exam. You will be given “trouble tickets” similar to like in a real environment, and will have 2 hours to solve them. After your troubleshooting section, you go on to the now 6 hour configuration section of the exam.

2) MPLS L3 VPNs have been added to the lab blueprint. According to the release this includes configuration on all the relevant devices, NOT just edge routers

3) Seems mostly everything else is the same. Frame-Relay is here to stay… also I noticed they specifically added PPP over Ethernet.

Hope all you guys out there that have a lab coming up pass the first try : )Â If not, its going to be learning a lot of new material, at least for me, and probably investing in more training.

– Joe


One Response to “It’s official: MPLS + Troubleshooting coming in October”

  1. erik witkop on May 20th, 2009 9:55 pm

    I am bummed out that I have to buy 1841’s now and replace my 2610XM’s. I only hope the writers of the new lab practice exams try to keep the backbone routers as 2610XM’s.

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