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A very interesting article is posted over at the Cisco Subnet of Networkworld. It is a very good question and answer session, you should check it out. Jeff Doyle is saying there is no need for enterprise networks to look at IPv6 till atleast 2012…

Here is the link to the post since it seems Networkworld took it off the front page:

Jeff Doyle’s Q/A


One Response to “No IPv6 till 2012 or 2015…”

  1. TJ on February 8th, 2012 10:23 am

    Funny – a routine Google query brought me here … so I will reply with the benefit of 4+ years additional insight :).

    IPv6: It is all a matter of context.

    First: note that the article (this one, and Jeff’s ereferenced one) was from 2007 and entire (network) worlds change in the course of 4+ years.

    Second: Your enterprise may not need to deploy it internally “until 2012-2015”, but in a world of 2-5year planning windows that means you should have already started this process – otherwise you are behind.

    Third: Always be sure to not factor what you think you need as an island; consider your customers, business partners, etc.

    PS – It is 2012 now. Deploy IPv6.
    PPS – Check out WorldIPv6Launch – 06 June 2012.

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