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Well they are not joining the Cisco 360 program and I for one am very happy about that. I will post a link to the specifics of their announcement today once Internetwork Experts posts it, but I for one am excited about the changes that are being made they announced in the webinar today. I will write more about it later on this week since I don’t have all the information. I had a meeting to attend for a little bit of it during the announcement…..

Full link to the recorded session is here

I am very interested to see what gets added to the current self paced end to end program for no cost. As anyone might know that reads my blog here is that I had added to my current end to end program atleast twice 🙂


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  2. anon on October 31st, 2008 12:28 pm

    IE’s announcement – complete bullshit

    Internetwork Expert was not “selected” to be a part of the program. IE applied to be a part of the program

    under tech 2000. THEY LOST the RFP!!! Plain and simple.

    Yes, a CLP can offer training in multiple markets if they meet the requirements.

    Investment protection? Scholarship program? Hell yes, you can give away training, you just have to pay cisco for the royalties.

    The TRUTH is that IE would have to pay royalties to deliver Cisco CCIE classes and pay royalties for workbooks.

    So, YES, this IS about money! Don’t believe the bullshit in the presentation.

    The number of kits comment is complete crap. There is no longer a kit requirement.

    Don’t want to flaunt out in public?! Then why mention how much $ you are doing?! Come on!

    Nothing against Cisco? WTF! Of course you have to have Cisco equipment because you offer Cisco grey market


    Scrapping products? UNTRUE! You can “compliment” the current 360 offering with current products.

    Lower level certification classes you can develop pre-class study material to make sure the student has the proper

    knowledge prior to entering a class.

    IE is suggesting shortcuts for becoming a CCIE. No concern for actual learning!

    Nice slide! “Customer Success Manages” was supposed to be Customer Success Managers. Great proof reading!

    If classes are as bad as this presentation, then their classes must suck.

    Mailing list issues? IE is one of the biggest issues that spams the hell out of mailing lists!!!

    Customer blogs vendor neutral? My ass!

    Real world examples? Yeah, right. NONE of the IE instructors are IN the real world! They all do nothing but teach.

    CCNA in 6 months? If it takes someone 6 months to get a CCNA, they should look into a different line of work.

    This was basically ONE BIG F*N INFOMMERCIAL!!!! CRAP!!!

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