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I just finished the bridging section of the cod yesterday and was going to do a write up on it, but Barooq has his up on cciecandidate. It is a good write up, and worth reading just to get a brief overview.

Bridging is an obscure topic in CCIE R&S study.
It can be divided in three types

1) IRB (Integrated Routing and Bridging)
2) CRB (Concurrent Routing and Bridging
3) Fall back bridging

IRB is discussed in Lab 3 of internetworkExpert labs.

Basically IRB and CRB are generally used on routers to bridging different VLAN domains. If IRB is used, we can route IP over these bridged interfaces. The topic that is least discussed is Fall Back Bridging that we configure on switches. It is basically for non-IP traffic, and thats why chances of it appearing on the LAB are slim.

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