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I good post, boredom I think hits all of us eventually!

“Random tip of the day – When you’re at a restaurant with your wife and she asks you if there’s anything on her face, “nothing worth mentioning” is not the right answer.

I seem to be going through phases. Last week I oscillated between panic and calm, now I’ve moved into boredom. I just wish this stupid test was over. I remember this feeling from college; I would always prepare responsibly for finals, and the last few days were just annoying since I’d gotten as prepared as I could be. I’m not quite as prepared as I can be, but I’m almost there.

I did IE Volume 2 Lab 4 on Friday. It had a couple of interesting looking things when I skimmed it, and I figured I’d see how I fared on a level 6 difficulty lab. I guess it’s good news that I was bored. I finished in about 6.25 hours, but I could tell I was going really slowly the entire way. I just couldn’t muster the energy to care. It was interesting to see that some things I was scared of before (like mutation maps) were just something I looked up to be sure, but did 90% from memory…”

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