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Just tell me that the IOS is more secure than Windows 🙂

Cisco Wednesday ‘celebrated’ its first six-monthly patch schedule for IOS by delivering five separate security alerts. The alerts affect Cisco IOS Multicast VPN (MPVN); IOS with OSPF, MPLS VPN, and Supervisor 32, Supervisor 720, or Router Switch Processor 720; IOS user datagram protocol delivery; and IOS’ Data-link Switching feature.

Cisco warned that its MVPN could be exploited to allow a malicious user to create extra multicast states on the core routers or receive multicast traffic from other MPLS-based VPNs by sending specially crafted messages. Patches and workarounds are available for this vulnerability.

Certain Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series and Cisco 7600 Router devices that run branches of Cisco IOS based on version 12.2 could be open to a denial-of-service attack, preventing any traffic from entering an affected interface,according to Cisco. Devices are vulnerable if they are configured for Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Sham-Link and MPLS VPN. Workaround and fixes are available for this problem.”

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