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Part II to his excellent video!

“In Part 2 of the GRE/IPSec tutorial series, you will learn how to encrypt the GRE tunnels you built in Part 1. Although I only show you how to create a hub and spoke topology, it is also possible to create a fully meshed topology or even a partial mesh. I highly recommend creating GRE tunnels from the branch to every datacenter in your organization…”

Full article here


One Response to “How to configure a GRE/IPSec VPN – Part 2 over at Blindhog”

  1. frank on September 26th, 2009 5:23 am

    @bdk @gabriel,
    I had problem, i can’t make telnet to from R2. Even I can ping cross over ISP from R1 to R2 and other way around. But after make GREIP tunnel from R1 and R2 as for the connection not created.
    What I missed?

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