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Frame Relay does not natively support features such as authentication, link quality monitoring, and reliable transmission. Based on this it is sometimes advantageous to encapsulate an additional PPP header between the normal layer 2 Frame Relay encapsulation and the layer 3 protocol. By running PPP over Frame Relay (PPPoFR) we can then implement authentication of Frame Relay PVCs, or even bind multiple PVCs together using PPP Multilink.

PPPoFR is configure in Cisco IOS through the usage of a Virtual-Template interface. A Virtual-Template is a PPP encapsulated interface that is designed to spawn a “template” of configuration down to multiple member interfaces. The traditional usage of this interface has been on dial-in access servers, such as the AS5200, to support multiple PPP dialin clients terminating their connection on a single interface running IP.

The first step in configuring PPPoFR is to create the Virtual-Template interface. This interface is where all logical options, such as IP address and PPP authentication will be configured. The syntax is as follows:

interface Virtual-Template1
 ip address
 ppp chap hostname ROUTER6
 ppp chap password 0 CISCO

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  1. kevin on November 8th, 2008 1:46 pm

    thx for the info on pppofr, it helped on one of my practice labs.

    good luck!

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