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Well since I didn’t get to head out to Cisco Live this year I will have to rely on other bloggers for some information. Wendell Odom has a pretty good post up on LISP and it’s potential impact on the edge. Scary that Facebook is already live on it 😉

Cisco announced a business-oriented pad somewhat similar to IPad. While intriguing, it’s not the most intriguing new thing I learned today at networkers, so let me write briefly about LISP. I will be brief today. Tuesday at the show is always busy. The big party for all attendees is Wednesday night, and monday night is free beer and food on the show floor, so all the folks doing smaller get togethers try to schedule Tuesday night.

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Also I found this read on Cisco’s site on it. I am sure there is more over there, but I didn’t find too much.

The Internet Architecture Board’s (IAB)’s October 2006 Routing and Addressing Workshop [8] renewed interest in the design of a scalable routing and addressing architecture for the Internet. Many concerns prompted this renewed interest, including the scalability of the routing system and the impending exhaustion of the IPv4 address space. Since the IAB workshop, several proposals have emerged that attempt to address the concerns expressed both at the workshop and in other forums [7,9,12,13,14]. All of these proposals are based on a common concept: the separation of locator and identifier in the numbering of Internet devices, often termed the “Loc/ID split.” This article focuses on one proposal for implementing this concept: the Locator/Identifier Separation Protoco (LISP) [3].

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