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Right now I’m looking at the five day on-site boot camp in Reno on June 9th through 13th. I need to sit down with the wife and go over some monetary things. I have already spent well over $3000 so far for my materials and I’m not sure if I should take another plunge. I am working through workbook II slowly to try to pick up as much as I can that I have missed the first time in the class on demand series. The class on demands were excellent, but I just think some live training, with a mixture of hands-on experience and lecture will be the way to go to gain a better understanding of the material.

Also the boot camp falls just over my twenty eight days before payment is due for my lab date. So if I have any doubts by the end of the week I could still reschedule my lab and work on what I need to work on.

If anyone has any feedback on their five day camps, please send them my way. I would be interested in any feedback that people may have before figuring out what I will do. I am also looking forward to reading Ethan Bank’s write up on his recent boot camp with Narbik.


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  1. Andrew on February 24th, 2008 11:50 pm


    Generally 5 day boot camps are a bit of speedy operation, but the one I attended to, the 5 day lab camp at WnNET Uk, it was superb, quadruple CCIE instructor clearly explained, lab pod per student, i was happy it was NOT on sharing basis like few other places i knew, and the cost was £2495.

    Best part was instructor was there from start to midnight most of the times, taking us through, which really helped, worth the pay.

    This was my experience in the 5 day camp. Now I am practicing at their facility Free two weeks lab access given, a mere 2 and a half weeks to go..for the exam!!

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