I have come to the conclusion that status updates are going to just be a permanent fixture on the site 😉 I have been doing these now for what? Four years almost?!?! I just think it speaks to difficulty of obtaining your CCIE. This week I was actually ready to walk away and talk a long break and maybe start up my CCNA Security. I think in the end though the mounting pressure of a new child on the way and other outside forces just temporarily pushed me past a breaking point.

One thing I did do was alot of soul searching the last few weeks. I need to accept the fact I am not being honest with myself. Whenever I would hit a scenario in a workbook that was over my head I would get frustrated and just blame the workbook. Instead I should have just blamed myself and accepted the fact I didn’t know that particular topic as well as I thought I did. This would drive my “ADD” with different vendor material back and forth, and I think that was making matters worse. The good thing is I can rewire my rack blindfolded and with only two hours of sleep :) After this week with getting the last of the house in order I need to sit down with the CCIE checklists and work from there. I need to settle down on what material to use and just move forward and finally bring this chapter of my life to a conclusion. If the writers of “Lost” can do it I think I should have no problem doing so right?


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