Disclaimer: I received a copy of Tanner’s book for free and thought I would give a quick review on it.

I started reading through the book while we are looking at alternatives for our current voip systems here at work. I though the book was a really good read. The book is concise, and to the point. Which is something I can appreciate when I am just looking for instructions to add “custom media files for Music On Hold” for example. Keep in mind the book is written to be a quick reference for common problems, and implementations. You aren’t going to find hundreds of pages of telephony background of theory. Which for me is a good thing…


I thought Cisco would wait until Cisco Live to do the announcement, but looks like they wanted to give everyone time to come up with some questions. I am curious if any of the hardware changes are going to slow down any of the training vendors in updating their material? The additional hardware seems to remove any option of a home lab unless you are just burning piles of money in your spare time already 🙂 The additions of the wireless controller, and IP phone is interesting.

This is what I have been honestly waiting for to see if taking the 3.0 written exam is worth it, or to just wait for the 4.0 version to go live.

Cisco’s CCIE Security Syllabus

Also Anthony Sequeira has a more detailed post on IPexpert’s blog here