The first five hours of audio have links in the blog post. Hopefully we have have the full version released soon!

Wow! I can’t believe we’re finally wrapping up this product release. It’s the longest online class we’ve ever done at just over 80 hours and at the end of the day we ended up with over 8TB (that’s 8000 gigabytes of video!) in raw format. We captured all of the video locally to the instructor in HD (720p). This allowed us to professionally edit all 150+ videos and make them available in various resolutions and formats. We are offering the videos in three 16:9 formats. The first is 640×320 and is designed for low bandwidth Internet connections and small portable devices. The second is 960×540 and is designed for standard Internet connections and tablet computers (iPad, etc). Lastly we offer a 1280×720 HD option for people with high bandwidth Internet connections and viewing on large screens (computer monitors, TVs, etc). All of the videos have a downloadable option for customers with access to them. If you’re interested in the downloadable version of the class the low bandwidth format is roughly 80 to 100MB per hour of video. The high bandwidth format is roughly 250 to 500MB per hour of video and finally the HD format is 1GB to 1.4GB per hour of video.

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Link for video sneak peaks

Just wanted to share this from Anthony:

Join us for a complimentary, action-packed hour of our highly acclaimed ICND2 course!

What: In this hour long event, Anthony Sequeira will answer questions and guide students through a complete mastery of one of the more challenging areas for associate-level Cisco students – the Access Control List. Do not miss this event!

When: Friday, May 27, 1PM EST [ Click to Register ]

Who: Anthony (CCIE #15626) formally began his career in the Information Technology industry in 1994 with IBM. He quickly formed his own computer consultancy, Computer Solutions, and then discovered his true passion – teaching & writing about Microsoft & Cisco technologies. Anthony joined Mastering Computers in 1996 and lectured to massive audiences around the world about the latest in computer technologies. Mastering Computers became the revolutionary online training company, KnowledgeNet, and he trained there for nearly 10 years.

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Today was just the start of a long week. Is there such a thing as a good pain? We started out just breaking down some simple strategies, diagrams, and ideas. Then we pretty much dove right into lab 1. The lab itself was tough, but fair. There were some really tough sections that I won’t go into detail so I don’t scare anyone off. I will say this – I thought I was coming into the day totally unprepared, but after finishing the lab tonight, I don’t believe that to be true. Sure I could score a 20 on this lab tomorrow when I get my score report, but today’s lab was just what I needed to get moving again. It felt good to sit for eleven hours and just work through topic after topic. I am sure any confidence that was built up today will get crushed tomorrow, but that is OK. Got to catch the last half of Weird Science after class tonight which has to be one of the best movies to unwind to.

Day/lab 2 tomorrow…

Can’t wait to see how well this went! Will be a good refresher/solidifier for some none core topics…

I thought it would never end, but after 17 class days and over 80 hours of lecture, I’m proud to announce that our new CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Technologies Class is now complete!

This is by far the most complete run of this class I’ve ever done, and from what I’ve seen there’s nothing else that comes close to the length, breadth, and depth of this content. For those of you that attended the live classes, I hope it was both informative and enjoyable. For those of you who couldn’t attend live, the On-Demand versions will be available in both our new HTML5 streaming format and available for download starting this week. More information will be posted shortly with along with additional samples.