More lectures, more tech focused labs, and two full labs is what I was able to get done the last week. Kind of feels like I accomplished something, not as much as I would have liked though. One thing I did start doing is reading my Routing-Bits short notes almost every night before falling asleep. I have had those notes for a year or so, but for some reason I never really read through them consistently. I am going to continue that almost every night until my lab. Maybe by then some of the topics will start to stick.

My IPexpert bootcamp is in a few weeks and I am hoping during that week I can solidify a few more weak areas. I did lose a backbone router in my rack so that is going to slow down some full IPX labs until I can get it replaced. One thing I did just pick up was some Cisco 360 material through NetMasterClass. They had a deal going for the CIERS2 class, online mentoring, the workbook, and reference library so I bought that. Originally I just wanted to pick up the workbook to work through for a fresh perspective, but decided to get everything else. I have enjoyed the online mentoring so far. I have only been able to sit a couple of classes, but each one was pretty good. Bruce keeps you engaged and alert. That is just something you can’t get with class on demand. Sometimes I talk back to Joe on IPexperts vod, but he doesn’t really acknowledge my questions for some reason. Maybe it’s because I am yelling at the screen 😉

After my IPX bootcamp when I sit my CIERS2 class in May, hopefully I can create my final exit strategy for all of this. With my Cisco 360 stuff I did get a free retake voucher if needed so that takes a little pressure off. My lab is scheduled for August, but I have been looking for a earlier date at RTP. It is booked solid six months out. I could fly out to San Jose, but that is going to cost at least double my airfare. Hopefully I will get lucky and some people will drop their lab dates.