Days four and five consisted of Multicast, IPv6, QOS, Security, and IP Services. It was the same format as the first three days. We would start out doing our labs on that particular section, then Anthony would pick up a few hours later, going over each question while taking any question we may have had. The Multicast and IPv6 weren’t really that difficult. Only towards the end did it seem they got a little rough. QOS was a confidence builder as well. The QOS labs helped show that if you just break everything down, the question becomes very manageable. You just need to understand what the question is asking you in order to solve it, which is always the tricky part right?

The last two sections we went over were Security and IP Services. A couple questions beat me up a little in Security, but that was to be expected. The lecture though on the questions themselves seemed to help put it a little bit more together for me. IP services were….. well….. IP Services. Not too much to report on here… Unless I get Embedded Event Manager, I have to be able to lock these points down here right 😉 ? Pretty much any of these you can configure right from the documentation as well. I have to think that is why we really didn’t touch on logging or SNMP. The questions we got seem to have a higher standing in the priority queue. A bootcamp shouldn’t be the place you are touching SNMP for the first time anyways right?

Day 6 involved the last few questions of IP Services we didn’t get to and then MPLS. I will have a post up for that soon.