Today was the first day of INE’s 6 day bootcamp online. Class is being recorded to update the 5 day COD version which I had purchased a couple years ago. It is a little bit different this time around though. The class schedule is listed here and is being taught by Anthony.

First thing we did this morning was talk about the lab setup, what to expect, how to prepare properly for the lab, and when you should schedule it. Of course last year maybe I should have adhered to this advice instead of scheduling my $1400 lunch just to take version 3. After that we took a quick break which was welcomed. I need the breaks to keep myself up and alert. Caffeine only goes so far and then the rest of the day I am all jitters. Of course that doesn’t stop me from drinking a two liter of diet Mountain Dew πŸ˜‰

After break we jumped right into a layer 2 lab on the switches. There wasn’t a couple hours of lecture beforehand, which was also welcomed. This class is not teaching any basic fundamentals which is good at this particular point in my studies. We had a couple of hours to work through the lab. I moved through this pretty quickly and had everything configured in about forty minutes. Anthony told us to move on to the frame-relay section if we finished early, which I did. I finished this section as well before class resumed so I had no “homework” tonight, which my wife being a teacher decided to alter on me πŸ™ After everyone was finished we went through each task one at time and Anthony explained the answers and why he configured everything the way he did. We also got a little bit of live troubleshooting and common mistakes people make during the lab

That was it for day one. Looking forward to tomorrow!