Every time I put up a post I honestly mean to put up the next one by the following week at the latest yet with a baby at home it just doesn’t work out that way…

Up to this point I have finished the first three labs from IPexpert Vol III, and the first two of INE’s Vol II. I have been switching between the two workbooks to keep the lab feel a little fresh I guess. I might stop after the next lab and go back and focus on a few weak areas.

I did purchase INE’s three day security camp for R&S to help with the security topics. It worked out pretty well. I did miss some topics, but hopefully I can catch those in the recorded session.

I did postpone my IPexpert bootcamp in two weeks because of budget concerns. I am going to sit INE’s 6 day online camp that week instead. As of right now my lab is scheduled (going to keep the date quiet for right now) so I am hoping I can sit a One Week Lab Experience from IPX instead right before my lab. Hopefully this time that will be enough. I would really like some semblance of a life back 🙂