The author of the site is writing free labs you can simply load up into your GNS3 and work on. You have to really respect the good guys of the community we have. Head on over to their site if you want to check out what they have going on! From the labs I have looked at there was even video solutions.


GNS3Vault is offering you labs and scenarios that you can download and use with the GNS3 software.

There are different types of labs that will find here, and you can run them all on your own computer, no real hardware needed! Studying networking has never been easier…

What are we offering you?

Cool Scenarios to get the maximum out of your networking experience 😉
Downloadable topologies that you can use right away with the GNS3 software.
Different levels of difficulty, there’s something for everyone…novice, intermediate and expert!
The forum where you can discuss about all the labs.
It’s possible to review labs.
You can share your labs with others.

And the best thing….it’s all for FREE!