Well it has been over three weeks since my last update and not much has changed. The little guy has been keeping us extremely busy. I try to lab on a few hours of sleep, but it does no good. My memory retention is very bad with little sleep. The good news for me though is the baby started sleeping through the night last week. So with my wife returning to work in the classroom and everyone getting back on a schedule things should be somewhat back to normal. I still can pound out four or five full labs before my bootcamp. Once I get that full week of labs under me I will have a good idea where I stand as far as the lab goes. Right now my biggest roadblock is the break in between working labs. That doesn’t do much for any memory retention either. I am thinking of maybe breaking down the labs into smaller portions during the week and getting more done during one sitting on the weekends. Either way I should have the IPexpert lab two done by this weekend so I can start lab three. The sad part to all of this is that three years ago I passed the written for the first time and here I still am 🙂