This is one of the best articles I have read about how to plan out your preparation no matter which vendor you are using. The statement below could not be said any better for my little world

Working mainly through VOL1 in linear fashion, people tend to forget the information they learned earlier during the study process. Based on the logical grouping of VOL1 topics, these are typically L2/L3 and IGP/BGP technologies.

That has always been my biggest challenge and enabler of frustration. The whole article is very good read, and I will be starting back up using the “kick start” example in the next few weeks πŸ˜‰ Once ofcourse the new little guy stops being nocturnal at times…


New little guy has finally arrived, this is the best status update I can post here tonight πŸ™‚

Little “cheeky” Matthew weighing in at 9.5 pounds