I started this week with a plan to get MPLS down as much as possible. I have to say I understand it a lot more clearly today than I did last week. Needless to say it isn’t really all that hard of a topic. You just need to divide and conquer. Once you lab it up and see it in action it becomes even clearer. I used my IPexpert BLS material mainly, which helped a great deal. Even the VOD slides helped a bunch. There is still a ways to go, but I am inching forward. Hopefully this week I can get back in touch with security and then QOS. Maybe the new baby will be here soon and I can start his track down the QOS path that I tried and failed with Jake

I am feeling better about everything today in dealing with this exam. I am moving forward with what got me close last year and that is the plan I am sticking with for this attempt. The only difference this time is I am going to stick with the divide and conquer approach that helped me through MPLS. I think my problem with QOS and Security was trying to take it all in at once instead of one piece at a time. That just lead to being frustrated over and over again. I think that is the key, limit the levels of frustration. Walk away for a little while if you need to. Take a break and refresh.