I got a few emails asking about attending Cisco Live. Sadly I won’t be able to make it this year. What breakouts would I recommend? Breakouts that you are going to benefit from the most or ones on new technologies you are looking for exposure on.

If you are looking for any dealing with EIGRP and Don Slice is doing any this year make sure to attend his. His breakout on “The Care and Feeding of an EIGRP Network” was the best I attended last year!

It has been a couple of weeks since I wrote on my troubles with moving forward. One of my conclusions with everything was that I am a bit bored of the material. Whether it was topic specific or full labs, it didn’t seem to matter. Working with INE’s Vol 2 I noticed that one drawback was I seemed to be working more from memory than knowledge. A lot of the guts of the labs seemed to be in my memory which I felt wasn’t going to work.

I received my updated BLS drive from IPexpert two weeks ago and decided this is what I am moving forward with. New labs and new VOD’s can’t hurt at this point. Plus, I think this is going to give me a real indicator of where I’m really at. At this point I can’t work a particular schedule because I still have to finish the new little guy’s bedroom. Good news is my office is officially moved down into the basement so at least all my equipment is in it’s permanent location.

My dynamips lab has been rewired to match IPexperts topology. I have three 2620’s to act as my backbones to take them out of virtual topology to keep the processor utilization low. I edited their current topology file to match my setup. Once I got the usb nic’s straightened out, everything came right up. All the routers are running as 3725’s and utilization is around forty percent. My goal is to work through everything and hopefully be ready for some mock labs from INE by September and schedule my lab for around the same time as last year. There is going to be a big drop off in time once the baby is here in July so I have to plan for that. At least the new little guy will have a lot of Cisco doc material to read through during the night feedings.

Hopefully IPexpert’s BLS can get me over the hump because I don’t think I have too many more attempts in me 🙂