This is a great read from Dan over @ Etherealmind. To me “discipline” is the most important thing you need to pull it off…

His last point is what people need to learn even before they start any of the certifications:

One Last Point

Don’t be temp­ted with the shal­low prom­ises of brain­dump sites. By giv­ing your­self this ‘help’, you’re not giv­ing your­self the main learn­ing exper­i­ence, you’re only passing the exam. When you’re inter­viewed, people will know. When you go to a job, you’ll get found out..

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Just a fyi today is the last day for the IPad promo over @ INE for registering for an onsite bootcamp.


I received this email from Mike over at IPexpert and thought I would pass it along.

I just wanted to give you a heads up on a couple of promo’s we have going on right now until the end of the month. First off, ALL of our boot camps are $1999 until the end of April. This includes international courses. We even give our students free catered lunch! 😉

Also, our Blended Learning Solution package now comes with 400 hours of Proctor Labs vRack time AND the OEQ workbook for no additional cost…Again – if they purchase before the end of April, I may have a couple hundred hours of EXTRA vRack time I can throw in!

If they have our products/boot camps – refer someone to me that buys a boot camp or Blended Learning Solution and I will treat them very well – you know this first hand!!


Mike Down
Training Advisor – IPexpert
Telephone: +1.810.326.1444, ext. 206
Live Assistance, Please visit:
eFax: +1.810.454.0130

One thing I have picked up on this week is how much time I waste on twitter and facebook. I have to shut myself off of them until this is done. There is no way I can complete this goal with those two distractions in place. If anyone wants to get in touch with me just use the “contact me” form on the site here. Well everyone except cciepursuit 😀

The title sums up everything I feel right now. I have been learning constantly since June of 2007 when I started down this path. Yet I still feel far away from understanding. I came close in my only lab attempt this past October, but losing is never comforting, no matter how close you came to winning. The biggest issue right now is I am starting to feel the burn out setting in. So much reading and labs has been done. So many hours put in, but I still feel far away again. One thing I learned from my studies is never take something you love to do and turn it into something you have to do. It only becomes a chore once you do.

Within the last couple of weeks, whenever I start doing labs, I get to a point where I just toss the lab aside and do something else. A few people have told me I just need a break. Problem is, I took a three month break after my lab attempt and I don’t feel refreshed one bit. Part of me thinks maybe the overall blueprint is overwhelming. Just the addition of MPLS to me in insanity. I know it is not core and not really hard, but that still doesn’t mean it can’t be complicated. I just can’t comprehend anymore how anyone can commit all this information to memory! Maybe I am just burnt out from my material. Maybe I am just bored of the labs. I definitely know I am tired of reading cut and dry information 🙂

Maybe the problem is I am still doing technology focused workbooks. Maybe I need to concentrate more on the full labs again and get away from the same topic for hours on end. I just feel right now my understanding isn’t any greater than before.  I don’t know how to fight against it. I even thought about another track, but I don’t want to quit.  Even my blog posts were more of a technical nature in the past, but now not so much.

I need to find new motivation or just have a good long talk with someone. I think I have been at this alone for so long and maybe that is the issue…