I had a chance to sit in on a free demo of NMC’s new twenty one week mentoring session that was delivered through a Webex session this past Friday. The class was very interactive with Bruce almost pushing you to answer his questions to the class. You felt as if you almost had to participate or you were going to be sent to the corner 😉 You felt as if you were really part of the class. The network diagram came through really clear, along with the lecture on the network topology we were using as well.

The sessions are done over twenty one weeks on different days, depending on which session you choose. If you miss your session you have the choice to watch it recorded or attend it during another session. From what I saw, each session is ninety minutes long. I would almost have to guess that depending on the topic that some sessions would go longer. I am not sure you could hammer out all of BGP in 90 minutes.

From what I saw it was a pretty good session, and a little different way of lecturing than what I am used to. Where it fits in someone’s training is going to be up to them. One thing I wasn’t sure on is if you could follow along in the class if you weren’t working on the Cisco 360 workbooks. I am sure anyone could follow the topics, but the networks they are running on might be a bit unfamiliar. It will be interesting to see if any of the other training vendors follow suit and start to offer anything similar. The biggest appeal to someone in my position is that they are once a week on the same day. This is really helpful when you can’t dedicate time every day of the week.