November 2nd already! I have been at this for over two years now with one failed lab attempt. I would be lying if I said I seriously haven’t considered walking away from it all. It just isn’t interesting right now for me. I am having a real hard time trying to focus and getting back on track. I have tried reading some of the books, doc cd and web stuff, but nothing at this point is motivating 🙂

Right now I don’t even know what 4.0 material I should use. Should I keep pounding away with Narbik’s? Do I go back to his bootcamp a couple more times? I think the big issue right now is people are studying for V4 like they were for V3 and failing miserably. There hasn’t been one R&S pass yet. Everything you hear right now about the troubleshooting section is bad :/
Right now I don’t think anyone’s troubleshooting workbook is going to help you out. You either know the material and how to troubleshoot or don’t. I really need to keep fresh or I risk losing alot of the material I had in my head four weeks ago.

Now I am just looking for a direction to walk more than anything else…