Sitting here waiting for the first snow storm to hit of the year I thought it was time to post an update. As of right now I haven’t moved forward with anything. I have no plan because I really don’t know where to start up again. All my labs are all set to go, but getting that extra push to start again is becoming non-existent. Maybe it is the holidays? What material do I use, where do I start, do I want to start? Throw into the mix that my wife found out three weeks ago that she is pregnant – the pressure is on. There is no way I am going to be able to dedicate my time to studying once a newborn is here with a two year old running around. There is going to be very little lab time. Jake is a energy filled boy, he is non-stop and always on the go.

I have Narbik’s I can re-attend and my IPexpert bootcamps. I just don’t know if I want to leave home for a week at this point. With no one having even passed the current lab, I am not even sure how to prepare for it! Maybe I just need to sit down and chat with someone to see how they feel I should proceed. Maybe the wife will just threaten me with utter annihilation if I don’t start studying again soon…

Here is Narbik’s post from GS

To All,

First of all I would like to apologize for the delay.

Secondly, please excuse any typos, I kind of rushed to get this out so you guys will enjoy the lab.

Once again there are no registrations, no sign-ins or any other requirements to download the lab.

Please go to

And then, click on *CCIE Routing and Switching Trouble Shooting Workbook* and then, click on *Download FREE sample chapter*.

Please let me know if you experience any problems.

The initial config file is also included. You need to have winrar to unzip the directory, it also includes the diagrams.

This lab is one of the 10 Troubleshooting Mock labs and hope it would NOT be a waste of your precious time. PLease go through and read the answers and see the steps that one has to go through to resolve a trouble ticket.

I have also included another FREE lab work book that you guys can download; it has 338 pages of good labs (They help reduce your blood pressure, whereas, the TS labs help reducing the cholestrol). You should see it there as well.

The security work book and the SP will be our next priority and they should be completed before the end of the year.

There will also be a FREE VOD on ZBFW, that should be finished within a week or so.

Enjoy and I hope to see you guys later.

Narbik Kocharians
CCSI#30832, CCIE# 12410 (R&S, SP, Security)
Sr. Technical Instructor
YES! We take Cisco Learning Credits!

November 2nd already! I have been at this for over two years now with one failed lab attempt. I would be lying if I said I seriously haven’t considered walking away from it all. It just isn’t interesting right now for me. I am having a real hard time trying to focus and getting back on track. I have tried reading some of the books, doc cd and web stuff, but nothing at this point is motivating 🙂

Right now I don’t even know what 4.0 material I should use. Should I keep pounding away with Narbik’s? Do I go back to his bootcamp a couple more times? I think the big issue right now is people are studying for V4 like they were for V3 and failing miserably. There hasn’t been one R&S pass yet. Everything you hear right now about the troubleshooting section is bad :/
Right now I don’t think anyone’s troubleshooting workbook is going to help you out. You either know the material and how to troubleshoot or don’t. I really need to keep fresh or I risk losing alot of the material I had in my head four weeks ago.

Now I am just looking for a direction to walk more than anything else…