I received some emails about getting rack time and so forth so I figured I would answer them in a post. Over at INE I have had tokens for probably about two years so I haven’t picked up any more over there in a long time. Plus I have a full hardware rack configured for their topology. For my IPexpert stuff I had to pick up some rack time to prep for the bootcamp. I did recently get some 2 for 1 deals from Mike Down. I am not sure if that deal is still current or he gave it to me because of my pretty looks πŸ˜‰ Either way you can contact him over at mdown @ ipexpert.com to see if he still has the 2 for 1 shot.

There are 49 days until Tuesday, October 06, 2009. Who’s counting though right? I had a long rough weekend this past one. All I did most of the weekend was labs and reading. On Saturday I did a Poly lab from over at INE, and another regular lab. One of my biggest weaknesses right now is trying to slow everything down in my head. I missed a few little things on questions that cost me points for the whole section simply because I was rushing. I have to keep everything at a good pace going forward. I am not to sure why I feel the need to rush through the sections I am pretty familiar with. That was all just on Saturday. Sunday I pretty much just read and took notes on some non core topics. One thing I have noticed is my brain is growing tired of all this. Not a good sign πŸ™‚

Not sure what my plan is going to be for the next forty nine days. I plan to start using my Proctor Lab rack time this week and move through mock lab one and two from IPX. During the week I’m going to do more reading and maybe some regular core labs to work on my core knowledge and speed. One thing I need to start doing is prepping for the OEQ’s. Not even too sure where to start with that one. I have actually read through our CCNA/CCNP stuff here at work just to see where I am for theory questions again. I will say that using time to prep for the OEQ’s is very frustrating. This is time I could be going over more non core configurations and doc reading :/

Starting on August 29th I have three mock labs schedule with INE on random Saturdays. Hopefully after each one I have time on Sunday to read and work on what I screwed up on. It is starting to get down to the wire and I am starting to feel the pressure. I have no problem if I fail the lab except that it changes twelve days later and I only have one shot at it for version three. I would rather not have to take version four…

In September I am going to drive down to Columbus and sit IPX’s bootcamp. This should be a good time with some studying thrown in right πŸ˜‰ ?