Everyone can read their investment protection program here. The part I would like to quote is:

You purchase our Advanced Technologies Class-on-Demand in July 2008 and in April 2009, Cisco announces changes to the CCIE lab exam. We release a new version of the Class-on-Demand in March 2009 that covers the April 2009 CCIE lab exam changes. Since your purchase included Investment Protection, you will receive the updated version free of charge

Notice the wording “new version.” I am still waiting on my official response to the new audio boot camp by Scott Morris, but word from a few different bloggers is that they were told the new 4.0 version is a new product and won’t be included in the current CCIE 2.0 program for existing owners. To me isn’t the 4.0 version an update to the 3.0 version that covers the changes to the new 4.0 lab blueprint? To me that seems like it contradicts the statement above about the investment program. Now until I get my offical response from INE sales I will wait this one out, but what is the point of the investment protection program? This isn’t the program idea I bought into my I purchased my end to end program.


This is the response I received from the sales team:

Your discount price for the new Audio Bootcamp is $346.50. This factors in a 30% discount which we are extending to all previous owners of our Audio Advanced Technologies Class. Note that the new AUdio Bootcamp is NOT simply a new version of this class (which is why it is not a free upgrade), but instead is an entirely new product aimed at developing in-depth technical knowledge and lab strategy.

Really? I have to pay again to upgrade my CCIE 2.0 program? Not simply a new version, instead it is new product? What is the point again of an investment program if you are just going to update it and repackage it as a new product we have to pay for? I have upgraded my E2E program twice now out of pocket for totally new products added to it without having issues with that because they were new! This though is ridiculous to me. Investment protection just to pay $356.50? Even more reason to make sure I pass the current version.