I have finished up most of Narbik’s workbooks this week except BGP and the Frame Relay sections. I still need to go over and take a few notes from a couple of sections of some others. I am hoping to have the BGP finished up in two weeks since we leave for Disney World tomorrow for a week. I won’t be able to get much lab time in starting tomorrow, but I am hoping I can get some Cisco doc IGP reading in at night when the kids pass out.

After that it will be time to crack open workbook III from IPexpert and start on those labs. Now what I do in September as far as their bootcamp goes depends on what the cost is for the lead paint removal through out our house and yard. The quote comes in later today. Hopefully it comes in alot lower than what we are planning…

I still have to get a post up on my overall review for Narbik’s camp as well.

67 days until my lab 🙁