What does amnesty mean? Well it has been years since I thumbed through my Funk and Wagnalls dictionary so I could not actually find it! Instead I hopped on-line and looked it up.

Noun1.amnesty – a period during which offenders are exempt from punishment
Verb1.amnesty – grant a pardon to (a group of people)

If you have not been informed there are many ways to use your CCIE number. A few of these methods are frowned upon by Cisco and can even cost you that hard earned number. Yes, recently I personally witnessed the revoking of a pair of CCIEs who had associated their numbers to a channel they did not work for. This is strictly forbidden by Cisco and can result in severe penalties to the Channel and the CCIE. (see http://www.itworld.com/networking/69359/innocuous-or-unethical ) or the June CCIE Flyer article.

I felt pretty badly about the CCIEs losing their certifications and wanted to help prevent this as much as I can. So I called Monica (my best friend at Cisco) and we put our heads together to come up with a solution. From this chat the CCIE Amnesty program was born.

Read the full story here

Day three was pretty eventful. The hours upon hours of BGP lecture drilled BGP into your brain whether you wanted in there or not. You had no choice, or free will. Most of the lecture was BGP and labs through out the day. Narbik seems to know exactly when to stop the lecture and gives us a break and lab some. Maybe it is the look of brains hemorrhaging in the class that gives it away.

We did have a couple of interesting guests. We had Eman pop in from CCIE Flyer and Terry Slattery popped in as well to talk with us. It is not everyday you can meet someone that wrote the CLI you so spend so much of your time with. Eman talked to us about the recent events of his CCIE Amensty program (I will post his story on that later) and what he has upcoming in the near future. Terry gave us a brief history on how he took his lab and what was involved in doing so. He didn’t really have to study all that much I guess 😉

Outside of our guests popping in it was just a typical day here. BGP has sunk in a lot better if not anything else.