Hey everybody! I wanted to make a quick post to inform all of our readers out there that I have been given the opportunity go come on board as a full time R&S instructor with IPexpert! Starting now I will be the full time R&S guy over at IPexpert — teaching bootcamps, and developing materials. I am really excited about the opportunity, and really look forward to continuing to help all you guys in your CCIE journeys!

With that being said — I will be posting some technical content over on the IPexpert blog soon. I will still be around here checking out posts and occasionally making some posts but most of the technical stuff will probably be over there.

It’s been a great run here at CCIE Journey. Thanks to Carl for giving me a chance to post here on his blog back in spring of ’08! I’ve learned a lot here, and hopefully I have helped some people out as well. Best of luck to everybody on their journey — and come see me when you are ready for some killer live training!