If you are taking the 4.0 exam and waiting to get a look at some of the vendors 4.0 troubleshooting lab offerings INE has theirs up. Although it isn’t fully complete it is available. Right now the price is an introductory price, and they have a 30% off code going through the weekend. Seems like you can catch it for a good deal over the weekend. I have not seen if this workbook will be included if you bought the 2.0 program a while ago or not. It just hit yesterday though, and I am hoping the troubleshooting section won’t be a worry for me 😉

Link to workbook

30% off code for the weekend is JLY10S


INE is offering the workbook for $99 if you purchased your end to end program before May 9th of this year. You can still use the current coupon code listed on this site and get it for $70. If you purchased after May 9th you get it free.