Well my lab is scheduled and paid for, but I am going to keep the exact date to myself πŸ™‚ A little mystery is good in a relationship sometimes right? I am twelves days out from the start of Narbik’s camp in Virgina. I have pretty much gone through all his prep material twice for the class. I am kind of bouncing off the walls. Since returning from Cisco Live last week I have been doing nothing but reading. I even went back to my CCNP books and took notes in preparation for the open-ended questions.

I did get my three books from Cisco Press yesterday. One was the new LAN Switching Configuration Handbook. It is a little smaller this time at only three hundred pages, which helped me finish it last night. I need to go back over the QOS section though. Catalyst QOS makes my brain hurt more than normal QOS. I have the Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocol book and the BGP-4 Configuration Handbook as well I would like to read over before Narbik’s.Γ‚ There is no way I am ever going to memorize much information from them, but maybe some things will stick πŸ™‚ I am a little under three months of prep time left before the lab, and I will be in Disney World for one week so that means a little less time. I am pretty sure after Narbik’s I will know what I need to sure up before the lab.

I have nowhere else to vent publicly so it might as well be here :)Γ‚ So my wife wanted to go see “No Doubt” at The Palace of Auburn Hills on July 3rd and I agreed to take her.Γ‚ We bought 2 tickets on ticketmaster online which came to $185.Γ‚ The transaction was fine, and I got my order report.Γ‚ I forgot about it until July basically.

To make a long story short, my wife has been ill, and we were unable to attend.Γ‚ Being the good brother than I am, I called ticketmaster to see if I could have my tickets (which were to be picked up at will call) transferred to my sister in-law so she could go.Γ‚ I was told on the phone by a ticketmaster rep that my tickets had been voided.Γ‚ I didn’t actually have tickets because of some sort of credit card issue.Γ‚ Mind you, I never received any sort of notice about any such issue.Γ‚ After a 10 minute conversation I was told the infamous “there is nothing we can do sir” you have to call your bank.Γ‚ They claimed they had refunded my $185.45 the same day.Γ‚ Of course, I never got my money.Γ‚ My bank confirmed it.

So I call back today to try my luck.Γ‚ Today another rep tells me basically they have no idea what I’m talking about — The ticket order was fine.Γ‚ Nothing was voided.Γ‚ Since the show is now OVER and nobody fucking got to GO of course there is no refund policy.Γ‚ I ask to speak to a manager.Γ‚ I wait 15 minutes.

Mind you, when you call one of the first things you hear is “your call may be recorded….” blah blah blah…so I tell this manager right off the shot, by the way I am recording this conversation (since they seem to have issues with their system tracking) and he says “I do not approve, thank you for calling” and hangs up!

I am so livid!Γ‚ What am I supposed to do?Γ‚ I am out $185 now, totally ripped off.