Aside from my friend Joe here kind of over reacting on his CCIE being disfunctional now, the word from a proctor today is that the cost to take the CCA is $15,000… Yes that is right $15k. Joe I think you can relax 🙂

I still need to get clarification if the proctor meant total cost of taking it, or the lab cost is $15k… Either way…

So Cisco announced today that they will now have a “Cisco Certified Architect” certification, which is specifically stated as being higher than the CCIE. You have to have a valid CCIE and a valid CCDE to go for the title. What are your thoughts everybody?

I myself am pretty disheartened by this news. I mean, here I am having worked my entire career to get to the CCIE level. I just got my CCIE and now there is going to be something “better”??? I mean, how much more do we need Cisco?

Maybe it is time to throw in the towel and realize you will never get everything because there is a new cert every day. Look in the last year we have already seen CCIE wireless, CCDE, and now CCA.

Also I will be curious to know what it really tests since you need ANY CCIE track to go for it. What if you have a CCIE r/s and your CNA board is heavily voice involved? Are you just screwed? Why will people go for multiple CCIEs now if they can get 1 CCIE, a CCDE then go for the CCA

I’d like to hear from other people out there what your thoughts are on this announcement.

— Joe