Well, I used to post about the Blended LEARNING Solution from IPexpert, but nowadays I am making more coffee : ) So, I love Dunkin Donuts coffee! I freaking love it…I usually get a large coffee from there in the morning. I had started to realize a while ago that each and every time I went there and ordered a large coffee with “cream and sugar” it tasted EXACTLY the same. They must have some exact measurement of cream and sugar they put in a large coffee.

So I asked my local DD manager, and sure enough they put “4 sugar and 4 cream” in a large coffee. I purchased a pound of their grind and went to work on the ultimate home brew solution. In the past when I purchased coffee and brewed at home, it just never came out tasting the same as at the store. My goal was to brew the perfect DD coffee and to have it taste exactly as if I had purchased it across the street.

I started with the packaging of the coffee itself, which was very useful: “2 Tablespoons of coffee per 6oz. of fresh cold water”. Simple enough. Knowing that 8oz. = 1 cup, I took out my measuring cup and put in 2.5 cups (20 oz) of water into my coffee maker. So 20 oz. / 6 = 3.33. 3.33 * 2 = 6.66 … I rounded it down and put in 6 even Tablespoons of grind.

My next goal was to figure out roughly how much sugar is in a common “packet.” google revealed that a Mcdonald’s sugar packet is “4 grams” which google also revealed is equavalent to about .56 oz or 1.13 Tablespoons. Since I have a Tablespoon measuring widget, I opted for 1 Tablespoon per packet. I went ahead and added in 3.5 Tablespoons of sugar…I cut it just a tad short because I realized that I shorted on the water…I wanted 20oz of actual coffee, and some of the water gets lost in the brewing process. I figured a cream would be about the same, so I put in 3.5 Tablespoons of cream.

PERFECT BREW! I happen to have a 20oz Dunkin Donuts mug, and let me tell you, it taste exactly like my usual Large coffee! Good God I need a job…

In summary:

The Perfect 20oz DD Blend

20oz of water (2.5 cups)
6 even Tablespoons DD coffee
3.5 Tablespoons sugar
3.5 Tablespoons milk (2%)