It is starting to feel like crunch time with Cisco Live coming up along with Narbik’s camp next month. I have finished all of IPexperts Vol 2 labs, and everything I have for Narbik’s camp to work on including Soup to Nuts. I am hoping the workbooks for the July date ship out soon so I have them for when I return from Cisco Live. I decided to opt out of the August Glendale camp since I was thinking of trying for a lab spot in late August or September. I am just getting nervous about the lab cut over date to the new version come October. I would like to have time to retake the lab if need be instead of a one time only deal :). Not sure if that is going to be an option though. Maybe I am just better off keeping my current date still and spending a week with Jared @ IPexpert and then hitting the lab. Everything I hear about his camp is extremely positive. Would hate to miss the opportunity.

I am feeling a lot more confident in my core areas than I did a few months ago. IPexeperts WB II helped a ton in that area. I know all this is going to be humbled once I spend the week with Narbik. Atleast I am feeling confident right now. Plus I can’t count out the class time I have over at Cisco Live starting this Sunday. One day of lecture and one day of lab time I know is such a small amount of time to try to cram in any of the material, but it still can’t hurt right?