I think we left Joe’s post up on top long enough (he yells at me when I post and bump his down πŸ™‚ …)

I have been working though IPexpert’s lab workbook two, making steady progress through the labs with some good advice from Jared over at IPexpert. Hopefully I can finish these up within the next couple of weeks. My core stuff seems to be strong, atleast while working through the workbook. I do have access to the Cisco 360 reference library as well that I have been reading everyday which seems to break things down quickly for a good review.

My schedule for the summer:

Cisco Live June 26th through July 3rd

Narbik’s bootcamp the week of July 20th in Herndon, VA

Narbik’s again the week of August 24th in Glendale, CA (It actually starts on my birthday which shows how sad my life is πŸ˜‰

IPexperts camp in September, then my lab.

I know this seems excessive, but one thing that is hard to do at home is shut the world out and do nothing but lab and submerse myself in the material. It just is impossible to do with an infant running around πŸ™‚ So that will give me three solid weeks of doing nothing but labs and reading. Hopefully that puts me over the top.

I have a lab date booked right now, but was wondering if it is worth the chance to drop the date until after going to Narbik’s atleast once. I was thinking what would I do if he gave me the go ahead to schedule the lab thinking I was ready? As of right now all the dates are booked up solid until the 18th. Do I drop my current date and chance it that more dates will open up when people have to start paying for them? Or just keep my date and just keep working through all the material until the end? Not sure, atleast right now I have a lab date.