Yes, it’s official!!!! After a grueling 9 hour wait, most of which was in my hotel room here in Raleigh, I just got my score report, and I am officially CCIE #24347!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! The greatest 5 #’s I have ever heard! Keep in mind, that I am 5.5 beers in at this point as I decided around 10:30 that no matter what I was having a 6 pack for my troubles hehe. So what can I say? I guess I will give you my experience today and a little bit about my preparation.

I flew into Raleigh Sunday afternoon, and stayed at the Wingate. The Wingate came highly recommended by the many that have gone before me, and they were right on. I can’t recommend it enough. They picked me up at the airport, and took me right to the hotel. When I inquired about where I could walk to pick up some redbull for the lab the next day, they DROVE ME to the nearest gas station like it was just normal. I guess that is the southern love…being from Detroit, I’m not used to that sort of thing hehe. When I was picked up at the airport I was told I was the 3rd CCIE candidate being picked up that day…they knew exactly what I was there for, and exactly what to do.

The lab started at 7:15, and I was told the shuttle from the hotel to Cisco would leave about 6:30, giving us plenty of time. I woke up at 6:00 AM, threw on my jeans and T-shirt (opted against the sweatpants!!!), grabbed my 3 large size redbulls from the fridge and headed down to the hotel breakfast area. I was too nervous to eat a thing. I chatted up the other 2 candidates staying there and passively sipped a cup of coffee. The other 2 guys were doing voice, so there wasn’t really much to talk about. The shuttle drove us over to Cisco and we were there by 6:45…in total there were about 6 of us waiting outside…it was the most awkward thing EVER….after some brief introductions by a few of us, it was DEAD SILENCE for 30 minutes as we stood outside and waited for the proctor to show up. Our proctor pulled in about 7:10, and took us into the lobby where we were ID’d and given our temp stickers and rack numbers. The proctor gave us all the regular instructions and told us basically where the bathrooms and drinks were, and gave us the general rules of the lab (get rid of any macros at the end of the day, save your configs often, etc…).

I sat down at my pod and started in on the OEQ … the first one threw me….it seemed very simple. All I can say without breaking NDA is that it was some command output and a diagram, and I couldn’t place the answer… I gave it my best shot and moved on. The other 3 questions were no problem at all, although later in the day I feared I might have messed up the wording of one of them….all in all it took me about 5 minutes. Guys, after reading all the posts and fear regarding this I have to say, IF you have studied properly, there is nothing to fear!!!

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