Hey guys, Joe here typing at you all from my hotel room in San Jose, California! It’s been a GREAT week out here at IPexpert bootcamp. Aside from losing my job recently, and being worried out of my mind, this has been a really good end to my first attempt preperation.

I decided to take the class after I got a fairly decent tax refund this year, mainly to review right before my exam, get a different perspective on some things I was struggling with late, and get a real CCIE instructor’s opinions on if I was “ready” for the beast.

I had no idea what to really expect, and I have to say I have been thoroughly impresssed by the overall quality of the program, and the instructor.

I landed in San Jose late Sunday night (about 10:00 PM PST). By the time I got my luggage, found a shuttle to the car rental, waited in line, got my car, found and checked into my hotel, it was about midnight or so (3:00 AM EST so I had a little jetlag). I got right to bed so I could start off the week on the right foot.

I was so grateful I did my hotel research, and that as a result the Holiday Inn I am at ended up being about 1 mile from the IPexpert facility out here. I managed to find no less than 2 Starbuck’s on the way there! I had no idea what to expect going in…who would my classmates be? Would Jared live up to his reputation? How would the course turn out?

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