Oh. My. God. My beautiful wife has totally outdone herself this time. So, my birthday is May 1st. Because today happens to be Easter, I have a bootcamp the week of my real birthday, and then my lab exam a week after that, we decided to celebrate my birthday today. My wife totally shocked me with a PS3 80 GB version!!!!!!!! AND … NHL 2009 AND Navy SEALs. This is sick. I didn’t have a modern video game console at all. I’m so behind the times. This thing is fucking amazing. I hard wired an ethernet jack into my living room when I first moved in to this place, so I was already set! I wired it up to my home network. New “Gaming” VLAN? You bet your ass!

Thank God I am off work tomorrow for holiday. I WILL be up all night playing with this new thing. Just what I need…A kickass new toy to distract me in the final month!!! … I was planning on buying myself one of these badboys when I finished the lab…but now it has come early and I’m scared! Will I have the fortitude and discipline to do my studies now with a shiny new PS3 around the house? Only time will tell!


In other somewhat entertaining birthday news, my brother and sister in law got me this for my birthday to “help me survive my last month before the lab.” Yes, it is an Easter basket filled with a HUGE dunkin donuts mug, Red Bull, Starbuck’s doubleshot expresso, and a $50 gift card to Dunkin Donuts (love the c0:ff:e::e/128)