One thing I picked up as I got back into the swing of everything was IPexpert’s Vol 1 workbook. I have gone through Internetwork Expert’s workbook I vol 5 and just didn’t want to go through it again. I was afraid that I would configure more out of memory than anything. For IPexpert’s, I didn’t have the hardware topology setup for it. I tried getting the full lab running on dynamips on two different machines to no avail. So I picked up some Proctor Lab sessions from IPexpert. I figure I can get through the workbook with the rack rentals. I did my first session Friday and have to say I love the setup they have. I was able to load the initial configs up which was excellent. One thing that always seems to slow me down is editing configurations to match either dynamips or my hardware rack. Editing configs for full labs isn’t that big of deal since the lab is going to take a while. When you work with the technology focused workbooks you tend to move through them quicker and have to reload more. Hopefully I can move through these with a good pace.

I took my Polmorphic Assessment lab this morning, and it felt good to be doing a full lab even if it was small. I was very rusty, forgetting to draw out my layer 2 topology, and missing the little things as I went through the lab that I should have caught right away. I even forgot to print out the lab diagram. Overall though I thought the lab was excellent for what it is meant to do. The time allocated was around 4.5 hours. I had a few comments before that it really shouldn’t take me that long, but I knew better 😉 I ended up skipping the last section just because I was so fried just trying to recall everything for the core section. I should of had points almost everywhere, but just like the real lab I didn’t have everything correct for each section. My score was dismal. Which I honestly expected since it has been almost eight months since I have done anything other than a technology focused lab.

The score report was nice at the end, breaking down each section and showing me what I should of have configured. They also break down each section to list which product you might want to consider to help sure up that area. I fought with the wording on some of the questions. I thought they could of been a little bit more precise as to what they wanted you to do. Overall, I think it is an excellent tool to assess your current skill set and maybe just to humble some of us on how far we need to go. Maybe the rust just needs a few more labs to completely fall off.