Hello everybody!

So glancing at my watch this morning, I realized that I officially have exactly 8 weeks left before my lab exam at RTP. After I went on the cruise vacation with my family, I came back guns blazing. I had already finished all the IPexpert volume 1,2, and 3 labs before the cruise. After returning, I busted through nearly all of the V2 labs at some points knocking out 2 a day. I felt a lot more confident this time around.

Right now I am in a state where I’ve been hung up for about a week. I ran into v2 lab 13 again , and boy is it a nightmare! It’s like doing 2 labs in one. So, I’ve been putting it off, putting it off. Finally last night I grudgingly made it through the IGP section. I plan on just finishing the damn thing today so I can move on. I’ve already repeated v2 lab 15, so after I finish this monster, I will just have lab 14 to go.

What to do next? I was thinking of trying to accomplish the following things before my lab date:

1) Re-do all the volume 3 labs

2) Cisco ASET labs — I have these through work

3) IE Mock lab?

4) Read more documentation

5) 5-Day IPexpert bootcamp :)  Yes, it’s true I have booked a bootcamp!!!!!! I’m so excited about this. I actually convinced the wife to use tax refund money to cover it. It is in San Jose 2 weeks prior to my lab exam. I hope it will both tie up loose ends/questions, and be a confidence builder for me.

For those out there that have faced the exam, pass or fail what would YOU do with 8 weeks of time left?

Congratulations must go out to Brandon Carroll over at Brandon’s Blog Excellent job! Even though he is a Steelers fan…