It’s official! No matter what the outcome, Cisco Systems now has $1400 of my hard earned money. Just wanted to make that quick note. It feels a lot more real now I suppose. I need to book my flight and hotel soon.

On another note, I am going on vacation tomorrow! I read a post on GS I recently about a guy that had passed his lab. He said a key part of his success was going on a cruise vacation with his family and relaxing for a bit. It just so happens I already had a cruise vacation planned with my family, so that works out 🙂 For the next week, I’ll be in the warm beautiful weather relaxing with my wife, brother, parents, and sister in-law. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

I figure after I get back I will have about 12 weeks to finish preparation for my lab. I am just finishing up IPexpert Volume 3 labs (I have 3 left to go). I really have not had the time to post detailed accounts of all of them. After I finish volume 3 I plan on redoing some labs. Also, after the volume 3 labs, I plan on dedicating a large chunk of time to just reading. Most of that will be the DocCD. I guess I plan on just starting with the routing config guide and working my way down. Maybe hitting the command references if I have time. In addition, I’ve been playing with the idea of picking up Narbik’s soup to nuts book. I have heard nothing but good things about it from the community at large. Also, if I can afford it and have the time, I’d like to book at least 1 of the 2 Cisco assessor labs, and maybe a mock lab or a handful from another refutable vendor.

– Joe A.