First let me say it’s good to see cciejourney back in the mix of things for the new year! We’re all behind you buddy, and going through it all together. With that being said, I’d like to announce that I have officially scheduled my lab date. 5/11/2009 @RTP. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I am feeling pretty good after going hardcore into IPexpert volume 2 full scale 8 hour labs during the majority of my 2 week Christmas break from work. I am just finishing up lab 6 tonight, and overall I have done pretty well. Some suprises, and some things I did not know, but overall not a massacre or anything. I don’t know if this is a good thing completely. I’m paranoid. If I do fairly well on all these full scale practice labs, does it truly mean I am ready to sit the lab? How do you know? I dunno, I guess you never really DO know….so I just scheduled it.

If I am not ready by May and end up failing, well at least I will get to take a crack at it, and see what the real deal is all about. Otherwise, I might go insane. Sometimes I feel fairly confident, other times I can’t help but thinking of some fallen comrades that I know for sure know as much if not certainly more than I do that have failed on first attempts. Well, what can you do really….May 11 here I come!

– Joe A