I have been lost ever since I stepped off my plan after the emergency landing when heading out to Narbik’s. I have to thank Joe for keeping the blogs atleast updated with new material for the past seven weeks. My goals just became disconnected from Area 0 it seems 🙂 Well with a new year starting there is no better time to recreate them and move forward I guess.

I have accepted the fact that I am going to have to retake the written exam. How much that really pains me to accept I just accepted it and moved on. This time though I think I am going to lab more along side of it. Makes it alot less punishing to study nine hundread pages of theory with practicing labs on the same subjects.

First thing I really need to do is get my week with Narbik rescheduled. I am going to attend Internetwork Experts 5 day camp as well. I just need to decide on a date for that, but that will come a while after Narbik’s. I plan on attending Narbik’s twice hopefully. Everything will become a bit fuzzy after April because I will be up for jury duty then. Hopefully I won’t be picked, or even called upon. If I am hopefully it is just for something small and quick.

There are a few things around the house that also need addressing such as finishing one half of the basement. Somehow when you have a child who is experiencing his first Christmas it means he is getting more gifts than your house can hold. So we really need to do this to have a little more room in the house. Hopefully that will not take all that long to do. ..